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zipcon consulting GmbH, headquartered in Essen/Germany, is a global consultancy to the communications, print and media industry. The company regards itself as an independent technology and strategy consultancy that takes an integrated approach. We focus particularly on e-business print, online print, web-to-print and industrial mass customization. The zipcon team analyzes, advises and actions and partners with companies in conceptually designing and actioning complex online-driven print production projects.

Therefore you should choose us

  • Increase productivity
  • Employ resources more efficiently
  • Action innovations
  • Identify and develop markets
  • Implement expert knowledge
  • Optimize costs in ways that make sense

Team Essen

Bernd Zipper



Sabrina Tenschert

Senior Consultant – Member Management Board


Max Spies

Senior Consultant



Sandra Bellof

Event & Marketing Communications Specialist


Jessica Kelley

Analyst & Social Media Expert


Daniela Reeck

Executive Assistant



Nicola Zipper

Financial Consultant



zipcon consulting Seattle

John Parsons is a veteran journalist, editor, and consultant in the printing and publishing field. As Editorial Director of The Seybold Report, he covered the ongoing disruptions and opportunities in digital and online print technology. He has consulted for major technology companies and service providers, providing strategic guidance and writing in-depth research, analyses, and marketing content. He has also spoken extensively on important topics affecting printers and publishers, and is a contributor to Folio, Book Business, Publishing Executive, Printing Impressions, and other magazines.