Social commitment – across borders and for sustainable aid for children without education

We at zipcon consulting work daily to integrate our philosophy, conviction and values into our daily business and would like to take on responsibility beyond that as well. After all, we can only make a difference if each and every one of us gets involved!

This year we would like to support a project that has captured our attention through ” Menschen für Menschen”. As a consulting company we are not machines, everyone at zipcon is unique, just like our customers and their requirements. Only together as a team can we successfully implement projects.

The campaign, “Spitzenköche für Afrika”, pursues a similar goal. Achieving a lot together – this is the fundamental idea behind the campaign, which was implemented by the delicacies wholesaler, Ralf Bos, Managing Director of BOS FOOD in Meerbusch, together with his partners and customers from Germany’s top gastronomy and hotel industry, for the benefit of Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid.


What is the project “Spitzenköche für Afrika” about?

Ralf Bos and Eckart Witzigmann have set up with “Spitzenköche für Afrika” a special initiative in order to support the “ABC-2015” educational program organized by the “Menschen für Menschen” Foundation in Ethiopia.

It all started with a bet – between star chef Eckhart Witzigmann and Ralf Bos, together with Almaz and Karlheinz Böhm, that they and their colleagues could succeed in collecting 250,000 euros in 100 days for the construction of a primary school in Ethiopia. Gastronomes all over Germany supported and participated with their own individual activities.

The bet was won and the initial school, the Gordom Higher Primary School, for 600 children in Ethiopia, was built in 2015 from the proceeds generated by these actions, which totaled in excess of 250,000 euros.

The success of the campaign has encouraged Ralf Bos to continue the initiative of building more schools in Ethiopia, giving thousands of children in one of the poorest countries on the planet a chance to receive an education.

By March 2019, over 1,700,000 euros had been collected and 7 schools built.

We at zipcon also appreciate this commitment to sustainable aid for children without education and would like to support this project. Instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers, we will donate this amount to the campaign.

Have we aroused your interest? Would you also like to donate?

Here you may find more background information.

All donations for the campaign ” Spitzenköche für Afrika ” go to the foundation Menschen für Menschen – Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid:

Donation account 66 75 91 791

HypoVereinsbank Munich Bank code 700 202 70 IBAN: DE10700202700667591791 Swift/BIC: HYVEDEMMXXX