You cannot not communicate!

– Paul Watzlawick, Communication Scientist


As a technology and strategy consultant, zipcon supports companies in various areas: From short analyses to interim management, everything is possible. The customer decides what he or she needs, whether it be a neutral evaluation of a project, for example, with feedback on options for further development and implementation, expert advice on site through workshops, consulting on strategy and management, or support in a vendor selection, also in the form of tenders. Moreover, zipcon is the right contact in the print and media sector for due diligence projects, mediations for arbitration between companies, innovation consultations, change management processes and long-term consultations.

Corporate Development

Analysis, consultation and implementation: zipcon’s comprehensive consulting approach is based on providing the entrepreneur with a neutral picture of the current state of his or her company or a specific project, including its strengths and weaknesses. If desired, all processes and value chains are subjected to scrutiny. Approaches to solutions, concepts and strategies are then developed on site and discussed with the management, resulting in an action plan. This can take the form of on-site coaching, assistance with self-help, long-term consulting or even interim management. Within the framework of this partnership-based innovation consultancy, zipcon shows new ways in which a company can successfully adapt to new market needs and open up new business segments.

Online Marketing Consulting

zipcon optimises your digital communication in all areas: whether it is an online shop, SEO and SEA, website optimisation or social media. We check and advise on technical requirements, such as when opening a web shop, with professional e-commerce advice, analyse and evaluate the competition as well as market potential and, if desired, design a tailor-made online presence including text and image selection. Based on an up-to-date analysis and the desired goals, an action plan is then developed.


We continuously compare your product range, services as well as processes and methods to ensure that your company remains competitive. Areas to be determined include productivity, profitability, effectiveness, prices and costs. This neutral view from the outside, through extensive research, provides an unbiased picture of the state of affairs. From these basics, potential for change emerges and options for action can be developed for the future. These are presented by zipcon, and recommendations are made to enable prompt reaction to the results of the benchmarking.

Seminars, Lectures & Events

Current trends in e-business print and online print are popular topics for seminars and presentations. For this reason, zipcon regularly organises seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also in cooperation with printing associations. The main topics are developed according to the target group. Bernd Zipper and his team additionally give presentations at events, practical workshops, management seminars and employee training courses in German and English-speaking countries. Presentations for company events and customer workshops are also developed on request. Bernd Zipper is known for spotting trending topics with which he takes a motivating, entertaining as well as critical look at the industry.

Market Research

zipcon conducts regular market studies to observe and evaluate the development of the online print market, including its interaction with the traditional print market. Studies on specific topics are also carried out for customers on request. Thanks to a large network and strong partners, zipcon can conduct extensive research on strategic and technological developments. By identifying changes at an early stage, trends and future prospects can be identified. We are also available as authors for specialist articles, publications or white papers. In addition, zipcon can provide information about the software solutions available on the market in the area of e-business print, offer customer-specific advice and make recommendations for use based on the customer’s processes.


Bernd Zipper


Bernd Zipper is a consultant, speaker and founder and CEO of zipcon. His focus is on e-business print, web-to-print, online print shops, mass customisation and interdisciplinary media projects. He develops concepts and strategies for the players involved in the print production process in a wide range of industries. He gained practical experience as a print stage manager and managing director before founding zipcon in 1998. From 2008 to 2014, he was a lecturer at the University of Wuppertal in the Department of Print and Media Technology. Bernd Zipper is highly regarded as a hands-on and critical technology and strategy consultant, industry innovator, speaker and moderator. The trendsetter’s visionary lectures are regarded as trend-setting management recommendations for the print and media industry worldwide.

Judith Grajewski


Judith Grajewski worked for Deutscher Drucker for 14 years and, as an editor, reported primarily on the growth market of digital printing, helped to build up the portal and the social media channels as the online editor, and dealt with content management and marketing strategies as a “transaction editor”. After a brief interlude as editor-in-chief of the Sign&Print advertising technology and LFP trade portal, the graduate engineer in media technology (FH) remains true to her passion for print and now devotes herself to advising and supporting projects for print companies on their way to a digitalised future. In addition, as an editor for Beyond Print, she regularly provides insight into relevant e-business print topics.

Sandra Bellof


Sandra Bellof, as an M.A. communication scientist with extensive practical experience in the print and media industry, is responsible for the development of marketing and communication concepts. Starting with the analysis, through the implementation of communication measures, to the achievement of goals and budgeting, Sandra Bellof advises and accompanies your projects entirely. Additionally, she is responsible for all topics related to marketing, PR and press relations, the further development of zipcon media as well as event management. In particular, she is responsible for the annual Online Print Symposium in Munich. In addition, as a referee for the board of directors of the Initiative Online Print, she is the contact person for members of the association and interested parties.

Jessica Kelley


Jessica Kelley is primarily focused on social media platforms following her M.A. International Business studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. She brings momentum and many new ideas not only to our public channels, but also to those of our clients. She analyses the industry, collects data and researches the world of the online print industry with an international eye. Jessica Kelley keeps an eye on all the news from the online world, on this side and, as a native American, on the other side of the Atlantic. As an analyst, she gets to the heart of complex topics and summarises the collected data for a comprehensible and well-founded overview in a financial analysis.

Nicola Zipper


Nicola Zipper, as a balance sheet expert with many years of experience, she is not merely responsible for the finances of her own company. Rather, it is her job to review concepts and analyses for clients from the perspective of a financial expert, to prepare calculations and to financially screen the feasibility of projects and change processes.



Are you looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to expand or develop your career? Then you have come to the right place. We are proud of the quality of our consulting services in e-business print that we provide for our clients. We are open to new ideas – and encourage bright, creative minds who want to provide fresh inspiration.

If you are someone who is enthusiastic about your work and team-oriented, we look forward to receiving your application. Please send your complete documents as a PDF with a curriculum vitae in table form, a photo and copies of certificates exclusively by e-mail to

Experience Bernd Zipper live

You can experience Bernd Zipper live as a speaker and moderator at professional events and seminars, in some cases organised in cooperation with the professional associations. Topics include: E-Business Print, Generating Online Success, the Future of the Printing Industry, Web-to-Print, Mass Customisation and Online Print after the Corona Pandemic. Other key topics are of course possible upon request.

With his expert knowledge and practical approach, he will highlight trends and developments that will determine tomorrow’s success or failure in e-commerce. Bernd Zipper is highly regarded as a hands-on and critical speaker in German and English-speaking countries. In addition to company events and customer workshops, he also develops conferences and training courses for well-known companies from the sub-contracting industry. His visionary lectures are regarded worldwide as trend-setting management recommendations.

If you would like to book Bernd Zipper, contact us at


Thorsten Fischer

CEO, Flyeralarm GmbH, Germany

Bernd Zipper knows all the trends. No wonder – he is the trend maker! He is so busy that you can hardly escape his network in the industry. Bernd thinks ahead, asks questions, and helps shape things.

Jens Freyler

CEO M&A, KNOX GmbH, Germany

Bernd Zipper is a true networker and is very well-known in our industry. He has a clear picture of the printing industry and is not afraid to share it with all of us.

Ralf Bos

CEO, Bos Food GmbH, Germany

I know Bernd Zipper as a creative and reliable spirit who inspires. He knows how to use print and internet technologies for the benefit of people and not lose sight of the future. In contrast to other “technology gurus”, Bernd is someone who knows how to realistically assess developments and never forgets that what is coming in the future, as positive as it may be, is always worth a critical look.

René Theiler

Project Manager Technology at the Swiss Printing Industry Association (VSD) and publishingNETWORK, Switzerland

Bernd Zipper’s presentations and seminars are always full of inspiration and new ideas. As a technology and strategy consultant, our members use his knowledge for their future business fields. Through his numerous mandates he has experience in e-business print as well as in strategies with online shops. With this information he inspires print entrepreneurs at our events and spurs them on to new services.

Haeme Ulrich

Founder and CEO, morntag GmbH, Switzerland

A great friendship has long since developed out of the collaboration with Bernd. Bernd’s experience, expertise and cordial manner are an enrichment for everyone who gets to travel with him. I also particularly enjoy producing episodes together for the industry podcast “Jabberfish”.

Stephan Bühler

Sales Manager Online Printing,, Germany

Bernd Zipper is an always good-humoured and popular person – a networker who is at home in the online printing world, he clearly feels at home there and enjoys a well-regarded reputation. With his speeches, which are peppered with figures, data, facts and sometimes provocative statements and demands, he tries to get the printing community out of its deep sleep. I think with his speed of presentation he wants to express that urgency is the order of the day!

Dr. Michael Fries

Former CEO, Onlineprinters GmbH, Germany

Bernd Zipper has been a defining figure in the world of internet and print for many years. With his experience, contacts, events and consulting services, he drives the development of the industry and the medium of print.

Stefan Harder

CEO, harder-online GmbH, Germany

In his blog posts Bernd Zipper asks interesting questions and puts pressure on the printing industry without mincing his words.

Markus Hutter

CEO, Hutter Druck GmbH & Co KG, Austria

We have been in the same business environment for more than 10 years now and there has been a lot of discussion about the topic of e-business print. We are convinced that sound insider knowledge and professional assistance in this new business field are what you can count on from Bernd Zipper.

Günther Longo

CEO, Longo AG, Italy

New impulses, concrete strategy recommendations, sound methods and implementation examples – in the course of Longo’s realignment, zipcon advises and accompanies us with a systematic approach, professionalism, astuteness and understanding. We look forward to a good cooperation in the future as well.

Jens Meyer

CEO, printXmedia Süd GmbH, Germany

Working with Bernd Zipper is like riding on a train of enthusiasm. Highly inspiring, extremely motivating and consistent in implementation. And above all, he remains one thing: an approachable guy!

Oluyomi Ojo

CEO, Printivo Limited, Nigeria

What Bernd Zipper is doing for the online printing industry and the global printing industry as a whole is great. Zipcon has now become a hub for all decision makers and stakeholders in the industry. This is not only good for everyone, but is exactly what the industry needs at the moment.

Thomas Pertermann

CEO, WDS Pertermann GmbH, Germany

Bernd Zipper is always a very important asset. I appreciate not only his watchful eye beyond the usual scope, but above all his down-to-earthness, which gives the insane dynamics in our industry a manageable structure.

Ralf Schlözer

Independent consultant, Germany

Few people have such a profound overview of web-to-print and e-commerce as Bernd Zipper and it is even rarer to find someone who can sum up his knowledge a generally understandable way. For all others, a visit to the Online Print Symposium is highly recommended.

Andreas Schrägle

CEO, Rathgeber GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

We have come to appreciate Bernd Zipper as a competent partner with clear and distinct visions. His congenial manner with a high level of technical know-how on the subject of e-business print as well as a large network were decisive success factors for the realisation of our goals.

Jos Steutelings

CEO, VIGC, Belgium

The way Bernd talks passionately about e-business print in his publications is frankly inspiring. I see him as a reference in this field. The Belgian project takes a lot of inspiration from the insights shared by Bernd.

Mathias Schmid

CEO, Schmid-Fehr AG, Switzerland

Bernd Zipper knows how to present new aspects of e-business again and again with his refreshingly critical manner – and has no respect for tradition – which is very good. He has given me valuable input and food for thought.

Hans Scheffer

Co-Founder and CEO, helloprint, Netherlands

Bernd Zipper is extremely well informed about the latest trends and facts and, unlike others, has a clear view of the future of the online printing industry. Therefore, I can highly recommend Bernd Zipper and zipcon as a strategic partner.

Prof. Frank Romano

Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Bernd Zipper is a thinker and a philosopher. Bernd Zipper is a person who has embraced technology and found the applications for it. He is an innovator, because he was one of the first to recognise the applications of PDF. He was one of the first to recognise the applications of JDF. And then he was one of the first to understand and get excited about web-to-print. Bernd Zipper is the man who shows us the future of the printing industry.

Dr. Kai Hudetz

CEO, IFH Institut für Handelsforschung GmbH, Germany

Bernd Zipper is an absolute man of conviction with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Working together is really fun!




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