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About the ZOPI – Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index
With the Zipcon Online Print Price Index, or ZOPI for short, the Essen-based consulting company zipcon consulting has developed a trend barometer that for the first time takes a close look at price developments in the online print market. Two clusters were formed for this purpose: One looks at a standard order for 10,000 flyers in DIN A5 format, printed in four colors on both sides, on 135-gram paper, glossy. Nine online print shops were selected for the job: Vistaprint, Wir-machen-Druck, Unitedprint/print24, Onlineprinters, Flyeralarm, Saxoprint, Onlinedrucken, Redprintgroup and sourc-e. The second cluster focuses on a shopping cart that includes brochures and business cards in addition to flyers. This basket involves the following printing companies: Wir-machen-druck, Unitedprint/print24, Onlineprinters, Flyeralarm, Saxoprint, Onlinedrucken and Redprintgroup. The prices are recorded on a weekly basis. On this basis, zipcon calculates the average values for each month and presents the percentage change compared to the index value. The index value for the flyer cluster is from June 2020, and the index value for the shopping basket is from November 2020. ZOPI thus reflects the changes in prices in online printing over the entire period up to the present day – and puts them in the context of developments on the market and in the economy as a whole in the subsequent evaluation. A detailed look at and interpretation of the figures is provided on a quarterly basis.

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Online Print Symposium

The Online Print Symposium is an annual event for the online print industry. Since 2013, the organisers zipcon consulting GmbH from Essen and the Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V. (bvdm) from Berlin, have been offering the symposium in Munich.

On 3 and 4 April 2025, the Online Print Symposium will take place as usual in Munich. The event, which is well established in the online print industry, attracts industry leaders and newcomers alike and offers an international platform for exchange. There will be presentations from all relevant areas on stage: Mass customisation, digital commerce, digital transformation, web-to-print and crisis management are just some of the buzzwords here.

Top-class speakers will provide insights into their companies and strategies, highlight trends and share their knowledge with the audience. Current business strategies and the handling of challenges serve as impulse generators and inspire new ways of thinking. The focus is on exchanging experiences and making new contacts. The unique industry event is attended annually by 300 international participants who are interested in a lively exchange on current topics and developments.


The Initiative Online Print e.V. (IOP) is a globally unique association of small and large online printers, software manufacturers, companies from the supply industry and associations of the online print industry in Europe.

Founded in 2007, the IOP actively promotes fair competition in online printing services and the visibility of the online print industry as a distinct sector. The IOP is represented by the honorary board of directors, consisting of the chairman Bernd Zipper (zipcon consulting GmbH), and the two vice-chairmen, Roland Keppler (Onlineprinters GmbH) and Ulrich Schätzl (Elanders Print+Packaging).

Twice a year, the representatives of IOP companies meet at member events at an IOP member’s premises. The members use these meetings as an independent communication and networking platform and discuss future topics, including with external specialists who are usually invited to the meetings.


Bernd Zipper regularly makes podcasts on various topics relevant to the online print industry. On Zippers Insights he interviews industry leaders and discusses current trends and future prospects.
Furthermore, he did two other podcast series previously: On Jabberfish, a podcast together with Haeme Ulrich from Switzerland, the two took on a new challenge in each episode. Listeners were invited to send in suggestions for topics for future discussions. Topic: “something with media”. Talking Overseas was an English-language podcast with John Parsons. The topics were focused on new technologies and workflows for the print industry, including online print.

Event history


BOPE 2024

24. April 2024

At this year’s BOPE (Benelux Online Print Event) in Antwerp, Bernd Zipper spoke about market developments, trends and opportunities in the online print industry in his keynote speech. He explained that we are at the beginning of a new era of print, which offers completely new opportunities thanks to mass customization, AI, social commerce and a new understanding of the value of printed matter.


Dscoop Local 2024

15. April 2024

Bernd Zipper gave a keynote speech on the future of print at Dscoop Local in Gelsenkirchen. His presentation focused not only on analysing the current state of the print industry, but above all on an optimistic outlook on how artificial intelligence will change the e-business print.


Fespa Global Print Expo 2024

20. March 2024

At the Fespa Global Print Expo in Amsterdam, Bernd Zipper spoke at the trade fair’s own “Personalisation Experience” conference about the potential of personalisation and mass customisation in print and how print service providers can build their business models to benefit from this megatrend.


Online Print Symposium 2024

14. + 15. March 2024

The 11th Global Online Print Symposium with 11 speakers, 7 start-ups and 10 partners was highly praised by the almost 300 international participants as a unique event. The event was also omnipresent on social media and was extremely well received.

Review 2024


React 2024

5. February 2024

At React, FourPees’ launch event for the new Atomyx platform, Bernd Zipper gave a presentation on the “Declaration of Independence for Print of the Future”. His statement: Today, we have so many opportunities to earn good money with print if we learn to understand the social and technological trends and apply them to ourselves.


Online Print Symposium 2023

23. + 24. March 2023

The anniversary of the Online Print Symposium with 10 speakers, 6 start-ups and 12 partners was celebrated extensively by the almost 300 participants. For the 10th birthday of the OPS, not only gifts were distributed to the participants: Robert Keane, founder and CEO of Cimpress, received the “First Pioneer of Global Online Print” award from none other than Thorsten Fischer, founder and CEO of Flyeralarm.

Review 2023


BOPE 2023

15. March 2023

The Benelux Online Print Event takes place in the Netherlands for the first time. Bernd Zipper speaks about “Status Quo: Online Print – Quo Vadis, dear Mothership?”

Further information:


Xeikon Cafe Graphic Arts Edition 2022

5. Oktober 2022

Bernd Zipper presents his keynote talk “Challenging times: BLUE is the new SMART!” at Xeikon headquarters in Belgium. He makes a status analysis of the online print industry and gives an outlook on the trends and the topics that will be relevant for a “Blue Ocean” in the future.


BOPE 2022

8. June 2022

Bernd Zipper with the keynote speech: Developments and trends in the online print industry in 2022

Further information:


Online Print Symposium 2022

28. + 29. April 2022

Twelve top-class speakers, six innovative start-ups, 13 partner businesses in the exhibition – and 250 participants from all over Europe and the world: The Online Print Symposium returned with a “big bang” after the forced break in 2021 due to corona and celebrated a thoroughly successful event in the Science Congress Center Munich. True to the motto “Start Up and Print Online!”, the leading event of the online print industry was not only about the lessons learned from the last two years, but above all about how a successful “restart” after the pandemic can be achieved.

Review 2022


viscom: Printed in Switzerland “power pur”

20. October 2021

Bernd Zipper with the lecture: Print tomorrow – how, what, why? in Aarau / Switzerland

Bernd Zipper gives an overview of the current state, evaluates the facts and gives an outlook for the online print industry. He addresses the turbo-digitisation, the influence on the industry of the Covid19 effects and points out trends.


BOPE 2021 Online Event

9.-11. February 2021

Bernd Zipper with the keynote speech: Chances and Threats for Online Print in the Post-Covid-Aera

Further information:


Online Print Symposium 2020

3. + 4. March 2020

Without a doubt, the Online Print Symposium is one of the most successful trendsetting events in the printing industry. It comes as no surprise, because every year the OPS tackles cutting-edge topics and thus consolidates its reputation as the “think tank” of online print – also internationally. The 250 or so participants at 2020’s symposium in Munich on 3-4 March experienced this first hand.

Review 2020


VIGC: Benelux Online Print Event

9. May 2019

Bernd Zipper with a lecture: Developments and trends in the online print industry 2019

09. May 2019 10am – 8pm at Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Belgium.

Further information: VIGC: #BOPE19 – Insights for growth!


Online Print Symposium 2019

4. + 5. April 2019

With over 280 participants from more than 12 countries, future-oriented topics and trends, 12 exclusive lectures and strong partners, the 7th Online Print Symposium once again brought together leading players in the e-business print in Munich on 7 and 5 April 2019. Core topics of the symposium were strategies, future perspectives in the online print segment – and besides the stage, of course, the profitable exchange between and for the participants.


VIGC: Benelux Online Print Event

31. May 2018

Bernd Zipper with a lecture: Developments and trends in the online print industry 2018

31. May 2018 10am – 8pm at Atomium in Brussels

Further information: VIGC: #BOPE18 – Insights for growth!


Online Print Symposium 2018

15.+16. March 2018

With over 250 participants from more than 10 countries, future-oriented topics and trends, 14 exclusive lectures and strong partners, the 6th Online Print Symposium once again brought together leading players in the e-business print in Munich on 15 and 16 March 2018. Core topics of the symposium were strategies, future perspectives in the online print segment – and besides the stage, of course, the profitable exchange between and for the participants.


viscom: Print 2020 – Onlineprint + Mass Customization = Print 4.0?

22. June 2017

Viscom, Schwiss Agenda

22. June 2017 / 2pm – 5pm

Restaurant Volkshaus, Stauffacherstrasse 60, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland


VIGC: Online print, an engine for growth

21. June 2017

Bernd Zipper with a lecture: Developments and Trends in the online print industry 2017

21. June 2017 3pm – 6pm

Canon Belgium, Berkenlaan 3, Diegem, Belgium


Online Printing Conference

27. April 2017

Bernd Zipper at the Online Printing Conference in Milan with the presentation: „Trends in the European online print market“

More than 80 participants learned about the developments and trends in the online print industry.


Online Print Symposium 2017

6. + 7. April 2017

In 2017 Online Print Symposium was once again the focus of the online print industry with almost 300 participants from over 15 countries worldwide over two days.

The 5th Online Print Symposium once again met all expectations and we were true to our word: Inspiring presentations, top speakers, excellent networking and guests, from over 15 countries made the 5th OPS on 6. + 7. April the “place to be” for the online print industry. More information about the industry event in Zipper’s Insider Report.


Daily Talkshow @drupa 2016

30. May – 10. June 2016

Bernd Zipper @drupa – Daily Talkshow at the CloudLab Booth Hall 07a / F30


Pre-drupa Event 2016: Technologies of the future offer new business ideas

10. May 2016

On 10. May, participants were able to gather information a few weeks before drupa through two interesting presentations with a special focus on their personal preparation for drupa – with Bernd Zipper and Dr Markus Heering as speakers. The whole event was organised by the VSD.

Bernd Zipper, zipcon consulting GmbH, Technology and strategy consultant

“Inkjet-drupa? Business-drupa! Expectations for the flagship event of the printing industry 2016”


Online Print Symposium 2016

17. + 18. March 2016

For two days, the Online Print Symposium was “the place to be” for every online printer. Inspiring presentations, top speakers, excellent networking and great guests made the 4th OPS the focus of the online print industry for two days.

The 222 participants made the 4th Online Print Symposium in Munich-Unterschleißheim, organised by the bvdm, Fogra and zipcon consulting, a complete success.


2nd Management Retreat – With the Right Strategy to a Successful Online Shop

8. + 9. May 2015

Under this motto, the vdmb and zipcon consulting organised the 2nd Management Retreat E-Business Print in Wirsberg (Upper Franconia).

During the two days, the participants, with decision-makers from management, were presented with how they will manage to open up new markets in the future with customer-specific or target group-oriented e-business solutions. The focus was on valuable decision-maker knowledge around the topic of e-business print, with a special focus on strategy, marketing and commercial processes/finances.


1st Management Retreat – With the Right Strategy to a Successful Online Shop

6. + 7. November 2014

With the 1st edition, the Management Retreat E-Business Print took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The biggest growth rates in the printing industry are currently in online business. Customer approach and sales success work differently online than in classic sales. The 15 participants of the two-day management retreat learned from TOP expert, Bernd Zipper, how to achieve a successful online shop with the right strategy. New impressions, opportunities and risks as well as the diverse possibilities made for interesting discussions during the retreat and at the joint business evening.


Seminar: E-business Print is a matter for the boss

1. April and 30. October 2014

In the joint seminar “E-Business Print is a Matter for the Boss – Creating Value Online with Print”, Katharina Matters and Bernd Zipper show how the Internet can be used successfully as a sales channel for print products.

The internet is the most important medium for customers – around 80 percent search online for companies, services, restaurants, products, etc. before making their purchase decision. Companies that are not found on the internet do not exist for many potential customers. Digital identity determines success and failure in today’s business world.