Not a chance for 08/15

Internet printers will continue to grow in the future – if they offer more personalised web shops and digital services. Bindereport | June 2022

Stopping using print will mean losing revenue

In an interview with iPaper, Bernd Zipper talks about ‘Beyond Print’ and how printed advertising will play a reduced but still important role in retail marketing. Retailers need to use a ‘media canon’ of multiple channels both online and offline to reach all customers in the future. iPaper | May 2022

Innovation is not a label

What is innovative? Is the printing industry innovative? Innovation is always in the eye of the beholder. Bernd Zipper classifies the spirit of innovation in the online print industry. Druck Medien Magazin | June 2021

The relevance of print

Bernd Zipper gives five reasons why print is one of the most important channels of digitalisation. He explains why print will always need digital – and vice versa. Premedia | June 2021