Road to Drupa 2024

Exciting insights ahead! Our CEO, Bernd Zipper, had a captivating conversation with Nick Gawreluk from WhatTheyThink about the upcoming drupa and its profound impact on the print industry’s future. Dive deep into discussions on the paradigm shift from mass production to mass customization and the pivotal role technology plays in reshaping the print landscape. Don’t […]

Inkish asks: This is why IOP and zipcon are making a stand against greenwashing

The response to the #Inconceivable video by zipcon and the Initiative Online Print has been great, and not just within Germany, but internationally. One person who wanted to discuss the background of the opposition campaign to Rewe’s commercial in more detail is Morten Reitoft from Inkish TV. The conversation between him and Bernd Zipper is about greenwashing, […]

10 Years Online Print Symposium: The Anniversary Highlights

The countdown is on: The Who’s Who of the online print world will soon be meeting for the tenth Online Print Symposium (OPS). The anniversary edition of the OPS, which will take place on 23 and 24 March at the Science Congress Center Munich in Munich, has plenty of highlights, exciting topics and top-class speakers […]

Two years of ZOPI – an interim report on the Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index

There are many indices that show the price development of goods; the best known of these is the consumer price index. However, a price index for print products, especially for the online print market, did not exist for a long time – until zipcon consulting created the Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index (ZOPI) and presented the […] in a new look

zipcon consulting has given its website a new look: Simple and stylish, structured and intuitive to use – with selected design accents, zipcon now presents itself and the services it offers in a modern “newspaper look”, and on all devices. The new homepage – which is also available in English – looks stylish and […]

Print is becoming more expensive – why?

Print producers are struggling with increased purchase prices and supply bottlenecks. Industry expert Bernd Zipper analyses the current situation in the print sector and what this means for the companies affected. Buchreport | June 2021

Top trends for 2021 and later

Who would have believed that a single virus would first paralyse our global society and entire industries and then also change them so massively? Pandemics always play a role in the scenarios of futurologists and, of course, virologists. But because hardly anyone thought that such a thing could ever happen, we were caught stone cold. […]


A price index indicates how the prices of goods and services in a basket of goods change and whether prices are rising or falling. The Federal Statistical Office, for example, calculates the well-known consumer price index and other indices. Until now, there was no price index for online print products. Therefore, at the beginning of […]

The mindset must change

In an interview with SIP, Bernd Zipper talks about online printing in the German-speaking world. How he views the overall economic situation, which trends will determine online printing and what role the Online Print Symposium plays in this. SIP | January 2021