Top trends for 2021 and later

Who would have believed that a single virus would first paralyse our global society and entire industries and then also change them so massively? Pandemics always play a role in the scenarios of futurologists and, of course, virologists. But because hardly anyone thought that such a thing could ever happen, we were caught stone cold. […]


A price index indicates how the prices of goods and services in a basket of goods change and whether prices are rising or falling. The Federal Statistical Office, for example, calculates the well-known consumer price index and other indices. Until now, there was no price index for online print products. Therefore, at the beginning of […]

The mindset must change

In an interview with SIP, Bernd Zipper talks about online printing in the German-speaking world. How he views the overall economic situation, which trends will determine online printing and what role the Online Print Symposium plays in this. SIP | January 2021

Three mega trends for printers

Nobody would have assumed in January 2020 that a pandemic would change our society like this. Sales slumped at almost every online print provider. Only towards the end of the year did the situation normalise a little and the effects of “turbo-digitisation” became apparent. Is the drama turning into an opportunity? Bernd Zipper on the […]

Guys, we can do it!

Hard times for all of us, no question. But there is no backing down – and we will all stand our ground. It’s also a bit about proportionality – and about the fact that we in Germany are actually still doing quite well compared to the rest of the world. Bernd’s message – for the […]

ERP Guideline: How to make the specifications work

You don’t choose a new ERP system in passing: After all, it is the backbone of the company. A structured requirements specification facilitates the thorough preparation of the decision. And to clarify the terminology once again, since specifications and requirements are often confused: In the specifications, the client defines the totality of his requirements. The […]

Print becomes premium

If everything written in the press, said at congresses, preached by internet visionaries and analysed in studies by whomever were true, print would have died long ago. TV and radio too. But contrary to the thesis that television has the future behind it and its demise ahead of it, this entertainment and information medium is […]

What is possible with mass customisation?

What are the requirements of personalised one-off production of products and how can this be combined with cost-efficient mass production? Is this a temporary phenomenon or a continuing trend? Verpackungsrundschau | September 2019

What happens in online print?

There is no longer any doubt that the printing industry is facing massive changes. But what does this mean for companies? In order to still be successful in ten years, it will take more than just the “digital transformation”. Bernd Zipper from Zipcon Consulting explained at the Online Print Symposium 2018 which challenges online print […]