ERP Guideline: How to make the specifications work

You don’t choose a new ERP system in passing: After all, it is the backbone of the company. A structured requirements specification facilitates the thorough preparation of the decision. And to clarify the terminology once again, since specifications and requirements are often confused: In the specifications, the client defines the totality of his requirements. The […]

Print becomes premium

If everything written in the press, said at congresses, preached by internet visionaries and analysed in studies by whomever were true, print would have died long ago. TV and radio too. But contrary to the thesis that television has the future behind it and its demise ahead of it, this entertainment and information medium is […]

What is possible with mass customisation?

What are the requirements of personalised one-off production of products and how can this be combined with cost-efficient mass production? Is this a temporary phenomenon or a continuing trend? Verpackungsrundschau | September 2019

What happens in online print?

There is no longer any doubt that the printing industry is facing massive changes. But what does this mean for companies? In order to still be successful in ten years, it will take more than just the “digital transformation”. Bernd Zipper from Zipcon Consulting explained at the Online Print Symposium 2018 which challenges online print […]

What have you learned, Mr. Zipper?

zipcon consulting turns 20 in 2018. Knud Wassermann, editor-in-chief of Graphische Revue, had a conversation with the company’s founder Bernd Zipper about the sense and nonsense of consultants, successes and failures, and why zipcon consulting is different from other consulting firms. Graphische Revue | March 2018


If you like something, you click it. If you love something, you print it. There is no general recipe for the successful future of print. But one thing is certain: print is becoming more valuable again – printers should seize their chance! Some just don’t seem to get it: The printing industry as an “old” […]

We need digital platforms

Bernd Zipper, founder of zipcon consulting GmbH, on the different importance of print brokers in the UK and Germany and the relevance of digital platforms. Packaging 360 | January 2018

Digital transformation is no “consultant bullshit bingo”

Do you feel the same way? Are you also tired of hearing about “Industry 4.0” and “digital disruption”? Good. Then you should start thinking about how to approach the topic of “digital transformation” right NOW. Deutscher Drucker | October 2017

Forecast 2017: Market worth billions continues to grow radically

It can be assumed that online printers will continue to grow. However, this is associated with considerable effort in customer acquisition. And in addition, there could be competition from a corner that has had nothing to do with printing so far. In other words: it is getting tighter for online print and almost hopeless for […]