Think Print Movie

In six minutes, Bernd Zipper gives a well-founded explanation of how society is changing and with it the positions of the media. He makes it clear what an important role print will play in the digitalised world. An image film for the future of the entire printing industry that has never been seen before.

New DNA for Print: Swords to Ploughshares!

Bernd Zipper, founder and CEO of zipcon consulting, is not a simple person and not a run-of-the-mill consultant. He often warns about possible dangers and threats to the printing industry. The self-confessed print enthusiast often criticises the sluggishness and backwardness of many entrepreneurs. But even after more than 20 years as an adviser, his announcements […]

No Print? No Business!

You can spin it any way you want: print remains important. But online and print are interdependent and we are witnessing an exciting time, a time when something new is emerging – a new way of communication. We have to learn that first – but what would the world be without print? Maybe Bernd Zipper’s […]