10 Years Online Print Symposium: The Anniversary Highlights

The countdown is on: The Who’s Who of the online print world will soon be meeting for the tenth Online Print Symposium (OPS). The anniversary edition of the OPS, which will take place on 23 and 24 March at the Science Congress Center Munich in Munich, has plenty of highlights, exciting topics and top-class speakers […]

Two years of ZOPI – an interim report on the Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index

There are many indices that show the price development of goods; the best known of these is the consumer price index. However, a price index for print products, especially for the online print market, did not exist for a long time – until zipcon consulting created the Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index (ZOPI) and presented the […]

zipcon.de in a new look

zipcon consulting has given its website a new look: Simple and stylish, structured and intuitive to use – with selected design accents, zipcon now presents itself and the services it offers in a modern “newspaper look”, and on all devices. The new zipcon.de homepage – which is also available in English – looks stylish and […]


A price index indicates how the prices of goods and services in a basket of goods change and whether prices are rising or falling. The Federal Statistical Office, for example, calculates the well-known consumer price index and other indices. Until now, there was no price index for online print products. Therefore, at the beginning of […]

Guys, we can do it!

Hard times for all of us, no question. But there is no backing down – and we will all stand our ground. It’s also a bit about proportionality – and about the fact that we in Germany are actually still doing quite well compared to the rest of the world. Bernd’s message – for the […]

Think Print Movie

In six minutes, Bernd Zipper gives a well-founded explanation of how society is changing and with it the positions of the media. He makes it clear what an important role print will play in the digitalised world. An image film for the future of the entire printing industry that has never been seen before.


If you like something, you click it. If you love something, you print it. There is no general recipe for the successful future of print. But one thing is certain: print is becoming more valuable again – printers should seize their chance! Some just don’t seem to get it: The printing industry as an “old” […]

No Print? No Business!

You can spin it any way you want: print remains important. But online and print are interdependent and we are witnessing an exciting time, a time when something new is emerging – a new way of communication. We have to learn that first – but what would the world be without print? Maybe Bernd Zipper’s […]