#inconceivable: zipcon consulting and Initiative Online Print counter Rewe with their own video clip


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Months after announcing its intention to do away with printed brochures for sustainability reasons, supermarket chain, Rewe, is still facing opposition from a number of sides. No wonder, because print is being unjustly made the scapegoat by the company when it comes to sustainability. Zipcon and the Initiative Online Print (IOP) have compiled the facts on the sustainability of print and are sending out a clear signal against greenwashing with our new video clip. Because communication without print? #inconceivable  
Rewe’s advertising not only wants to give the impression that print is outdated and that the future belongs solely to digital media – the message is also one-sided and simply wrong. The carbon footprint of digital technologies, including their energy-hungry server farms, their need for rare earth elements, and their power generation, which is often still based on fossil fuels, is swept under the rug.  
Click here for the full press release: https://initiative-online-print.de/en/inconceivable-zipcon-consulting-and-initiative-online-print-counter-rewe-with-their-own-video-clip/