Two years of ZOPI – an interim report on the Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index

There are many indices that show the price development of goods; the best known of these is the consumer price index. However, a price index for print products, especially for the online print market, did not exist for a long time – until zipcon consulting created the Zipcon Onlineprint Price Index (ZOPI) and presented the first results a good two years ago. Since then, the ZOPI has been looking at developments in online print on the basis of typical products such as flyers, brochures or business cards. Today it is clear that prices in online printing have risen significantly. This was initially due to supply problems and rising paper and raw material prices during the pandemic and has continued since the Ukraine war with skyrocketing energy prices. The markets have become volatile – and are likely to remain so. Online printers have largely come through the crisis years well thanks to their high level of digitalisation, because they can react more quickly to changes in the market. It remains exciting to see what the future will bring. More info: